Evil Horde Records
Sargatanas Reign - Euthanasia... Last Resort CD
$ 9,00

SARGATANAS REIGN from Sweden play excellent, slightly technical old school Death Metal like old MORBID ANGEL, DEATH (Human phase) and convince completely! This is a really good, talented underground band that managed to create 31 minutes filled with intelligent and conclusive song structures, a raw and very traditional feeling, and enough tempo variation (from fast blasting to crushing mid-tempo) to keep the album still interesting after the tenth time listening. MARDUK former member Devo Andersson produced SARGATANAS REIGN and sings in this band. And damn, he did a fucking great job, his vocals are just fantastic - like a mixture of Pete Helmkamp (ex-ANGEL CORPSE / REVENGE) and David Vincent on Altars Of Madness, not this boring growling or gurgling stuff, but raspy, aggressive old school vocals with the evil and unholy feeling!!!